We have access to a unique database of all EVs on the market, including the electricity consumed by each make and model per kilometer of travel. From this database and depending on your annual travel and location we can estimate the grid electricity you will consume each year in megawatt hours. Once this is calculated we source a renewable energy certificate, or ‘REC’, that represents a megawatt hour of electricity created by an accredited renewable energy source, such as wind or solar.

RECs and their equivalents are available in most continents and are a well-regulated and widely used environmental derivative used to encourage the uptake of clean energy across the globe.

When we have estimated your grid consumption we match it with the equivalent number of RECs. The RECs are then ‘surrendered’ on the relevant registry which is the point when the environmental benefit is realised. For example if you consume around 2 megawatt hours a year of grid electricity we will purchase 2 RECs from your region, surrender these on the local registry and you will be a subscriber of the Ion2 product.

If you use carbon neutral electricity at home we factor this into our estimation and you will be automatically placed on Ion1, which will cover any charging that may occur away from your home.

We are continually improving the user interface and the accuracy of the estimation technique. By year two of your Ion Blue subscription you will be able to enter actual travel from the previous year and we will take into account rooftop solar, time of charge and other factors that will impact your grid consumption.

We work closely with Ndevr Environmental who are experts in the climate change and renewable energy space to develop our product and ensure robust and conservative estimates of our renewable energy requirements to ensure all claims are verifiable and never under-claimed.

As the worlds’ electricity grids continue to decarbonise and the renewable energy mix increases, we continually adjust the multiplier. For example Australia’s national grid (the NEM) is currently on average around 80% fossil fuel powered, 20% renewable. As the renewable energy component increases we will factor this in, meaning for each megawatt of grid electricity you consume, you will need fewer and fewer RECs. And when the grid is finally 100% renewable, we will consider the job done and IonBlue will no longer be needed. But until then, we’re here to help…


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